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Talking to Amazon: online form with packaging feedback

Sunday, May 31st, 2009


A simple case: Amazon sent the box set of three little books by Jim Krause in a box that was too small. This caused the book box to break. Was their packaging feedback form able to contain this simple story? Not really.


The form contains a rating, followed by a list control (radio buttons) about the size of the Amazon package. This is the right topic, but the options ‘Too small’ and ‘Way too small’ are not included! The only options are: ‘about right’, ‘too big’, and ‘way too big’. So I leave it blank, thus leaving out the most important feedback. The rest of the form works pretty well – good scannability, path to completion is clear, responsive enabling and disclosure makes uploading the photo and indicating its relevance easy. And the success message leads me into checking and eventually revising the form.

Visually, the form is well-organized. The highlighting of the three topics with pale blue bars and large font size, the clear vertical scan line, the color deviation of the success message, all minimize eye movement and create a clear visual hierarchy and flow.