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Chocolatl, second session: Organiko mint

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Visited Chocolatl again, ready for chocolate, coffee, sketching.

As the Japanese say: ‘Food is first eaten with the eyes’. We study all the wonderful packaging and settle on a cylindrical can of Sath organic Spanish mint bon bons.

The typography makes an initially sober, almost classic impression but upon closer examination, contains much play with symmetry and reading directions. The word ‘BOM’ is studying its reflection with a tilted ‘O’, but is assymetrical because of the two languages.’CHOCOLATE’ is doing a U-turn. The two languages are handled neatly in the Serif caps.

After a sample, we’re ready to start our coffee, chocolate and sketching session.

The Moleskin flat black pencil and Zhenya are in an intimate symbiosis, she has forgotten everything but her drawing. I work on some new figures for a stakeholder map infographic. I love the music here: not too loud, Coltrane, jazz ballads, perfect for drawing.

The little bon-bons are a kind of ultimate version of after dinner mints. They’re small, but quite an explosion of taste. This little can will go a long way.

The address, for those who might be in the neighborhood:

Hazenstraat 25-A
Telephone: 020 755 5047

Time to go. Next stop: the hatmaker’s shop, where we’ll look for a new winter hat for Zhenya.