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Day of research in Gorinchem

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010
Jim looking at photographs and old map in archives in Gorcum

Matching photographs of locations to map in Gorinchem archives

Spent the day in Gorcum, first measuring up the space where an exhibition of our work on the graphic novel ‘Resemblance’ (working title) will be held, together with readings and a presentation by the author of the novel it’s based on. Then went to the archives to study images, maps and documents about Gorcum (Gorinchem) during wartime.

Poster on library door with info about the book and our exhibition

Poster made by library about the book and exhibition about graphic version

Close-up of handwritten title of map of Gorinchem

Studying the maps, was struck by the beauty of some of the hand-drawn compasses and other features. The typography resembles the letters on the Amsterdam bridges. No-one knows who designed those.

Hand-drawn compass on old map of Gorinchem

Hand-drawn compass on old map of Gorinchem

Was this ‘Amsterdam’ school style of drawing such elements common practice? Could a draftsman ‘improvise’ an arrow in this style? Or were there a few well-known formulas? Beautiful, in any case.

Hand-drawn compass arrow on old map of Gorinchem

Old photograph of Dutch resistance fighters in parade after WWII in Gorinchem

'Binnenlandse strijdkrachten' (Dutch resistance) on parade in Gorinchem

Managed to find interesting examples of Dutch resistance fighters, but also letters that give us an idea of the handwriting and style of correspondence in those days.